Free shipping on all orders over R1500

Free shipping on all orders over R1500

Our Story

Lehlogonolo and Moshibudi are the daughters of Pedi, South African parents. These two different, unique and tightly bonded sisters make the label SABAFURAHA so special: A mixture of love, joy and passion with the African urban way of life.

Lehlogonolo’s passion for fashion, hospitality and business was enhanced during her early years of studying medicine. Her love for clothes and desire to serve others, unconditionally often stressed her parents because if it was not the latest outfit, then it was the next birthday extravaganza. Lehlogonolo always found a reason to shop and to celebrate the milestones of those who were around her. She just loved to experience and see the joy that those around her felt through her small yet often too big gestures of love.

After completing her degree in Multimedia Design, Moshibudi worked in corporate marketing then marriage and now motherhood, Moshibudi relocated to Tanzania to pursue her passion for transforming lives and communities. She finds deep joy and comfort when those around her embrace and love themselves exactly the way God has created them: Beautiful, unique, different, and so loved just the way they are.

After the passing of their grandmother in July 2017, Moshibudi found herself at a crossroads to afford to purchase a ticket to fly back home to South Africa. She then had an idea to contact all her friends and ask them if they would like to buy fabric from Tanzania as a means to pay for her plane ticket back home. She was able to secure orders for over fifty pieces of fabric, and that was the beginning of SABAFURAHA.

SABAFURAHA was birthed out of need but has now become a beautiful expression of our talents, gifts, loves and joys.

Our Name

SABAFURAHA which means ‘Seven Joys’ in Kiswahili, the official language of Tanzania. The name came about out of a love for the number seven as well as our desire to have a collective group of companies running under the same heart, passion and ideals. Our dream is to create seven products and services that bring joy to our customers.


Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to inspire every person and to provide opportunities that can encourage, empower and equip people to pursue their dreams and be the best that they can be.

 The mission for SABAFURAHA is to joyfully ‘celebrate you’! We believe that every person is a precious gift, and we are determined to ensure that you live up to your full potential.